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When preparing the list of our services, we asked ourselves the most fundamental question: What do entrepreneurs expect from an accounting office? We have analyzed the market and come to the conclusion that businessmen find it crucial if an accounting office is able to help them efficiently and quickly fix administrative matters related to running a company. In other words, they rightly call for our effectiveness and professionalism.


The comprehensiveness of our services means that we work on each order from beginning to end and in every aspect. We do not just pick out the easiest tasks and send the customer to a so-called specialist with all the others, which are not so pleasant. PAJ Accountants fixes specific issues and solves real problems, without producing extra documents for others to finish it.
The complexity of our service results from the fact that our team is made up by specialists from all areas directly connected with running a business in this country. We are at the same time:

  • An accounting office, which keeps company’s records and accounting documentation, both to tackle tax issues including income tax (Tax Return) and VAT (VAT Return) as well as to do payrolls (PAYE) and to control company’s debtors and creditors.
  • A tax adviser’s office, which deals with planning and optimizing taxes and represents the company before HM Revenue & Customs, e.g. in the case of control or any legal dispute.
  • A financial counselling office, which makes business plans, valuations, budgets, prognoses and analyses, completes documentation for the needs of bank credits, mortgages or insurances, and first of all, shows the ways how to maximize profits.
  • A business counselling office, which helps to select an appropriate legal form of the enterprise, build its structures and manage its current operations.

The service we offer covers not only all the aspects of running a business, but also all the phases of its functioning, namely:

  • Before setting up the company, we advise on the most appropriate legal form of the future business in given circumstances, e.g. self-employment, partnership or limited company (ltd).
  • After choosing the legal structure of the company, we register the business with appropriate authorities: limited companies with the Companies House, and others with HM Revenue & Customs, where we also register contractors and subcontractors in the field of construction within the CIS system (Construction Industry Scheme).
  • Providing for the current activities of an enterprise, we keep its accounting, including settlements with HM Revenue & Customs concerning income tax (Tax Return) and VAT (VAT Return), as well as with creditors and debtors and with employees (Payroll, PAYE, P60 and P45). As for financial counselling, we mostly specialize in managing company’s working capital and tax strategy.
  • When realizing target projects, we assist in making investment valuations, preparing business plans and financial analyses as well as in negotiating with banks.
  • When the business is finishing its activity, we close all the necessary accounting and tax formalities.


Following the principle that specialization should be an indispensable element of each service, PAJ Accountants offers its assistance as an expert in the issues concerning limited companies (ltd). It is a very attractive form of business, limiting the shareholders’ liability to the amount of the company’s share capital. This way the businessperson protects their own property from potential claims of the company’s creditors. This and other advantages of a limited company make it the most popular legal form of business activity in the UK.
Being aware of that, the team of PAJ Accountants has developed a special program to service limited liability companies. It covers all phases and aspects of company’s business activities, including:

  • The choice of the legal form for a limited liability company – limited by shares or limited by guarantee.
  • Producing the company’s key documentation – Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.
  • Preparing documentation concerning the company’s authorities (Company Director, Company Secretary).
  • Registering the company with the Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Current services for the company, including bookkeeping, financial and tax counselling and assistance in realizing investments and target projects.
  • Accounting and tax formalities related to selling or closing the limited company.


Professionalism of PAJ Accountants results from knowledge, skills and experience of our specialists. Besides, we have a suitable technical and computer infrastructure, consisting among others of the best software for company finances management, SAGE, IRIS, VT Accounts, and QuickBooks etc. Managers can access clients books from anywhere in the world through internet link to verify and approved all jobs to client satisfaction. Hence, we keep the accounting of each company systematically, which allows our customers to manage their finances effectively. Professional accounting that we offer makes it possible for them both to maximize their profits and to optimize their taxes.


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